Packaging works of art

Correct packaging is the guarantee of the preservation of works of art during transportation and long storage.

Individual packaging, carried out by our specialists in accordance with the requirements accepted in the world museum community, will preserve your works during transportation and storage. Our experience and knowledge of modern packaging materials will allow us to choose the packaging for each item, taking into account the technique of its execution and size, and to create the necessary climate environment using the newest vapor barrier films and fillers.

Packaging works of art

We have a lot of experience in packaging works of art. Depending on the tasks, our specialists will be able to select the necessary materials so that further transportation or storage is possible.

Services in the packing of paintings and works of art

We will pack and transfer any pictures. Preparation of works of art for transportation includes the selection of the correct packaging and transport.

Packing pictures

We produce packaging for paintings and other works of art in our workshop. We have experience in packing large-scale products, as well as packing and transporting raw canvases.

Manufacturing of boxes and boxes under the order

They are used for transportation of single items by luggage in an airplane or when shipped by freight, auto, railway or sea transport.