Our distinguishing features are:

Quality of packing

In comparison to standard cargo transportation, the movement of works of art requires a special quality of packaging. It must be extremely reliable and protect the cargo from any harmful factors, such as mechanical, thermal and possible chemical damage.

Professionals of Always Professional Fine Art Services have a full range of materials for quality packaging. All your valuables, art objects or fragile items will be transported in conditions of optimum comfort and temperature regime.

Professional staff

Transportation of antiquarian objects and works of art should be carried out taking into account specific features. That's why only professionals work with such a load. Only the experience, skill and positive attitude of employees will make it possible to implement the process as safely as possible. A qualitative move is a vocation, there are no random people in this field. The constancy and authority of the company is one of the components of successful work.

Our employees have extensive experience in the field of the transportation of art objects. Therefore, we are pleased to provide you with professional advice on the safe packaging and movement of any valuable cargo.

Insurance support

Any transportation of particularly valuable and fragile property must be accompanied by insurance. Damage to the cargo of this species, as a rule, is irreplaceable. After all, art objects are mostly unique, have a high historical or cultural value.

Special attention deserves a variety of antiques. The same can be said about items of low nominal and material value. In view of the age, authorship, or mode of production, such things are especially expensive for their owners.

Despite the fact that the process of preparing values for transportation is thorough and complex, it is impossible to exclude potential damage by 100%. Sometimes there are emergency emergency situations - accidents, accidents, natural disasters and so on. Therefore, property insurance is required to produce with indication of its material and monetary value.

Modes of transportation

When choosing the mode of transportation, it is necessary to take into account the specific circumstances and availability of road infrastructure. Motor transport is preferable, when transporting art objects for short distances.

Moving to remote locations requires the use of air transport. Important are the weight and dimensions of goods.

International shipping

Our company provides all types of international shipping worlwide in accordance to customers' wants and needs.