We offer unique solutions for the storage of works of art in compliance with the strictest requirements - from blocks with climate control to specialized areas for storing the whole collection.

Regardless of the storage period, we use specialized warehouses for art objects in which your cultural values will be fully preserved and safe.

Our professionally equipped storage facilities for the storage of art objects, including places for storing packaged works of art and special front racks, are equipped with a monitoring and alarm system and are approved by leading insurance companies in the world. In addition, our company's storage facilities comply with the strictest security requirements for state compensation schemes in the United Kingdom and other countries of the world.

In our warehouses possessing the status of customs warehouse, there is a special zone for temporary storage of art objects subject to customs clearance, which allows you to see and study the works before customs duties are paid. In addition, we provide a specialized room for viewing and photographing cultural property, as well as preparing a report on their condition.

We offer the following services and facilities for the professional storage of art objects:

  • High-class storage facilities for storing large and small objects
  • A variety of storage options
  • Security system that meets the requirements of insurers
  • Closed areas for storing individual collections
  • A separate closed room for viewing, photographing and drawing up a report on the state of the art object