The organization of import - export, customs clearance, packaging, transportation, warehousing of works of art and other cultural values

Services in the field of customs:

  • Provision of services related to customs operations for the temporary or permanent importation (export) of works of art and culture
  • Receipt (sending) of import (export) cargoes at airports, with registration of transport documents, delivery to the specified place of unloading
  • Customs advice

Services in the field of art and culture:

  • Transportation of works of art around the world
  • Professional packaging of works of art, rigging and loading and unloading
  • Manufacture of climate boxes for the transport of particularly valuable works of art (technology, know-how and training of specialists)
  • Organization, holding and participation in exhibitions, auctions, fairs, cultural and entertainment events
  • Organization of insurance and risk management in the movement of cultural property