Experience and knowledge of our technical experts allow us to provide installation of art objects of any level and size - from large sculptures to small but precious objects.

For many years of work, our company has guaranteed a safe transportation and professional installation of different kinds of fine arts - we will cope with even the most unusual and difficult task - professionally, scrupulously and in full confidentiality.

Having carried out a comprehensive assessment of the planned exposition area, including assessment of climatic conditions and external factors, ease of inspection and the availability of fasteners, our highly professional technical specialists will recommend the best and safest way for you to install and display your collection. If necessary, we will provide a project for the production of works and a risk assessment, accompanied by our recommendations. If standard methods are not suitable, we will find another way, based on our experience and knowledge.

The range of art installation services we offer are:

  • 2-D, 3-D, pieces of art
  • Different types of multimedia
  • Museum and art gallery installation services
  • Installation of sculptures
  • Private and corporate installations