We ship everything!
From small items to multi-ton cargo. In addition to transportation itself, we provide all the necessary support, i.e. customs clearance, storage, insurance, preparation for transportation.

One of the main activities of the company «Always Professional Fine Art Services» is multimodal transportation of goods, that is, transportation by several modes of transport. Our specialists are still developing the optimal route at the planning stage.

In this case, many factors are taken into account:

  • Customs legislation of the supplier country
  • Geographical features of the terrain along which the route will sail
  • The place, time and duration of the parking
  • Flight schedules for leading carriers
  • Number of loads - which can affect the integrity or appearance of the goods
  • Features of all modes of transport involved in the itinerary

Knowing many other aspects and nuances of mixed cargo transportation can come only with experience that allows you to organize an ideal traffic schedule

Advantages of working with us:

Our company has established contacts with more than a hundred transport companies around the world, so we have the skills and excellent experience in organizing effective multimodal transport all around the world.

We guarantee a high level of quality of the services rendered:

  • The goods are delivered to the destination at the exact time
  • During storage and transportation, our employees and employees of transport companies guarantee full security and safety of movement
  • At the request of the client, he may be provided with information on the location of the vehicle
  • The optimal logistics routes developed by us significantly increase the efficiency of transportation, reduce travel time and cost

The client is provided with a full range of certification services, customs clearance. We work on the principle of "Individual logistics". A manager is attached to each client, who conducts the development and optimization of routes taking into account the changing dynamic situation.


Multimodal container transportations have many advantages. They are advantageous when it is necessary to translate a considerable consignment of goods over significant distances over a vastly changing terrain. Transportation is carried out with the conclusion of only one contract, and not several separate for each type of vehicle. One company is also responsible for the integrity of the container. In fact, all intercontinental goods movements are marine multimodal transportations. After delivery to the port of destination, by road or rail the product is sent to the customer.